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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

lirik lagu....

      i will forget you from starting today..
         i dont know you and i have never seen you
          we never even walked pass each other
            i'm ok..i forget everything
             i'm hapy with my busy life
            i met a great person too
         love is always like this..it fades away after some time
           can even remember it
              when love goes another love come again.
             it definitly way..even it hurt feel now..it will heal later..
               when love goes away..another love come again..
                        it will definitely come..
                                    it will forget..it will too...

ps: aq cma mampu mlkukn ini untk mghlng smua yg aq rasa spnjng 4 thn..kdng2 aku ingn mrebut smua nh tp aq thu mna mgkn kt bhagia atas sihan org lain...special for you my super..


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